Spring Retreat

 1st –3rd of June.
Youth for Christ,
Hoofdstraat 260,
Driebergen (close to Utrecht)
55 Euros,  for the full weekend.
HERE, Registration will close on the 29th of May.

From 1st until the 3rd of June 2018 we hope to meet many international students from all over the Netherlands at our Spring Retreat in Driebergen. The theme will be “I am”. Jesus’; the Way, the Truth and the Life. What do these three mean and how are they necessary for our daily lives? We have found some speakers to tell you more about this topic.

Francis Noordanus, has been pastoring an English speaking church in Eindhoven together with his wife
since 2002.  He left mono-cultural mission and ministry and marvels at how God works among the Nations when people leave their cultural comfort zone.  He comes from New Zealand.

Lauren Bethell will take us in a journey about “the Way”.  She is an American Baptist missionary and human
rights advocate residing in Amsterdam. She is one of the founders of Chiang Mai, Thailand's New Life Center, in which former prostitutes or sex trafficking victims are provided with a Christian-based education aimed at making them literate and employable.

Jan Joost Snoek is working as an international student worker for IFES. ”I am always amazed at how up to
date and encouraging  the Bible is and how much we can learn from that as students. I find it inspiring that such an old book still speaks to us today. I will share from the Bible about how God sends us out and uses young people like students to share his love for the world around us.”

Bart Bosschenbroek is a young professional, working as a product designer in Eindhoven and part of the
local ISM team. Faced with the challenge of being a follower of Christ in an academic and individualistic context, he seeks to find his place in the world and in Gods kingdom.

Science, religion and society all seem to claim to know how things should happen.  So long as we comply as instructed all will turn out well.  Yet we see so many problems in the world around us.  Are we being lied to?  Is there really only one truth and one way?  Isn’t Christianity being arrogant in claiming Jesus, and him alone, to be the way, the truth and life itself?  If you want to look into this and consider further with others, register and sign up.

Expect a weekend filled with lots of teaching, bible-study, worship, fellowship, workshops, fun, and (lets hope) sunshine!

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