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Do it!

3D Gospel part 2

Last Do it! we studied the gospel in the 3 D(imensions): guilt-innocence, honor-shame, power-fear. This Do it! we want to dig more into the honor-shame cultures as we can find e.g. in the Middle East, other parts of Asia and also in the rest of the world. How can we understand people from these cultures better? How can we study the gospel more from this perspective? Jenn West who has many years of experience working with people from honor-shame cultures will lead the main session. Workshops will cover themes as: what are good ways to connect with people from honor-shame cultures, how can we connect with the refugee students in our country and as always there will be a workshop for ISM group team leaders/representatives this time focussing on how to do better PR for our ISM activities. And ofcourse there will be plenty of time for fellowship and fun. It is possible to join us after Do it! for dinner somewhere in the city center. Hope to see you all! And last but not least: from this time on our wonderful Do it!’s will be free of charge.



Saturday 11th february 10.30h


Location: Singelkerk, Wittevrouwensingel 28, 3581 GC Utrecht.


This day is open to students, volunteers and church members who are volunteering or working with international students in the Netherlands


The day is free of charge. A lunch is included. ou are responsible for the costs of travel.


To help us planning, we ask you to register. To do so, please follow this link to our registration form

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If you have any questions, please contact Francina at francina@ifes.nl

Do it!
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