Reisverslag Riga

Travel report Riga

‘Hello, may I ask you something?’ Mostly: ‘Yes, sure.’ ‘I come from Holland and I am here with a team from Romania, the Netherlands and Latvia on all universities here in Riga to learn about the Latvian culture and religious beliefs. Can I ask you some questions about your culture and religious beliefs?’ Mostly: ‘Yes, okay.’

After some trial-and-error and learning from team mates this was the way I approached students last week in Riga, Latvia. It was followed by a personal conversation, and an invitation for the evening activities. In this piece of the newsletter I will give you a short description of what we IFES-students did in Latvia for the project we called ‘Beyond Cultural Glasses’ and will I do a calling to prayer.
We Dutch students arrived in Riga in the evening of friday March 16th. The first two days onwards were filled
with activities to come to know the Romanians and Latvians who where also involved in the project, and to come to know some techniques to properly communicate with the students we would meet after those two days on the university campuses.
The following four days were filled mostly with the following three activities:
an evaluation of the former day so as to improve our behaviour;
communicating with students on the university campuses, this consisted of coming to know some of the
student’s cultural and religious backgrounds, a description of some of my own background and - if fitting - a spreading of the gospel, and telling about the evenings events we would organize.
an evening activity together with some of the students we invited: namely one concerning cultures, one in which
critical questions could be asked towards christian faith, a music and story night and one in which the story of Easter was clearly described.
After these days, we got one day to visit Riga (again), to make another evaluation and to say goodbye to each
In these days, we’ve had conversations about the most important topics in life. Please pray for the Latvians who
don’t know God, that they will seek and find Him, and for the christian Latvians, thay they will have the courage, love and wisdom to make the opportunity to be saved known.

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